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Dress Code

Student Dress Guidelines


In order to maintain and encourage a positive, safe, learning environment, the following dress code guidelines will be followed:

  • Students are not to wear hats, ‘doo’ rags, bandanas, headbands or any other headgear except for religious reasons.
  • All garments are to be opaque in material, please no “muscle” shirts.
  • Shirts and tops are to cover the entire torso.
  • No parts of underwear / lingerie or straps are to be seen.
  • Pajamas or lounge wear are not to be worn.
  • Pants are to be worn at the waist with a belt.
  • Shorts/skirts are to be no shorter than fingertip length when the arm is extended.
  • Clothing may not advertise drugs, violence, alcohol or contain inferred vulgar or sexual language.
  • Because of the safety factor, no “thong” shoes should be worn.
  • To keep our students safe from outside elements in the community, no headbands, long white tee shirts or any other paraphernalia be worn that may suggest “gang” involvement.
  • For safety reasons, no sunglasses, studded bracelets or studded neckwear are to be worn.